My Research

Research summary

In my research, I study the effects of activity co-specialization and resource sharing on the performance and adaptability of firms. Although I conduct both theoretical and empirical research, my focus is on causal identification. Current research questions include:

  • Does knowhow-based diversification increase firm performance?
  • Do interdependencies reduce the ability of firms to respond to unanticipated shocks?
  • How do activity co-specialization and resource sharing affect the (related) diversification decisions of firms?

Working papers

“The Dampening Effect of Interdependencies on Adaptation: An Empirical Study in the U.S. Airline Industry” (with Sendil Ethiraj, London Business School; and Yue Maggie Zhou, University of Michigan)

“Related Diversification and Firm Performance: A Causal Test with German Census Data”

“Activity Co-specialization, Resource Sharing, and Related Diversification” (with Fabrizio Dell’Acqua, Columbia University)